Coleburn A. Christie, Sc.DPT, COMT

Cole Christie is a licensed physical therapist and a certified orthopedic manual therapist. With this specialty, he utilizes a diagnostic specific comprehensive evaluation to identify the different components of pain and tailors an extensive rehabilitation program to fit the needs of the individual. A key component of his treatment success is patient education – involving the root of pain and biomechanics behind the pain. This specialized educational method helps lead patients down the road to recovery.

Cole graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He earned a Degree in Physical Therapy from the Hanze University Groningen, the Netherlands. Cole completed his Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy at Texas Tech University.

Cole enjoys spending time with his wife Kayla, and their three children. He enjoys fishing.

Coleburn Christie


Hazel Anderson, DPT

Hazel Anderson graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with her degree in physical therapy. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Texas Tech University. Hazel enjoys being outdoors and doing yoga.


Chere Atkins, PT

Chere graduated from Texas State University with a graduate degree in physical therapy in 1994. As the former owner of Elite Physical Therapy for 16 years, she has brought many talents to our clinic, including her skills in manual therapy and Trigger Point Dry Needling. She specializes in hand therapy, craniosacral, visceral, and lymphatics. Her approach is wellness-based, looking at the human kinetic chain in order to determine the proper course of action.

Outside of the clinic, Chere enjoys spending time outdoors with her kids.


Nazish Pasternak, MPT, FAAOMPT

Nazish earned a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 2004 and a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman's University in 2007. In 2015, she completed extensive post-graduate coursework and training in manual therapy to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists. As a manual physical therapist, Nazish utilizes comprehensive diagnostic skills to identify impairments and joint mobilizations and manipulations to treat the origin of pain.

Nazish spent many years of her collegiate and post-college life playing ultimate frisbee. She currently enjoys playing sand volleyball, practicing yoga, and spending time with her husband, daughter, and dog.


Please refer a patient to Christie Physical Therapy by filling out the appropriate diagnosis on the prescription and faxing demographic sheet, relevant imaging reports, surgical reports and dictated notes.